Living Learning Communities

07/11/2003: Rhodes Dormatory  (Photo by Darren Phillips)

Rhodes Garrett Hamiel Hall – Pre-Pharmacy LLC

We encourage Pre-Pharmacy students to live in Rhodes Garrett Hamiel Hall, the only Pre-Pharmacy LLC on the NMSU campus!

So what are LLCs? Simply put, Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are groups of students who live together in the residence halls based upon common interests and are a fabulous way to get connected on campus!  More than just social opportunities, LLCs have peer advisers and residential mentors working with each group to provide academic support.

There’’s no extra cost to live in an LLC, but the benefits are huge. – Data has proven that LLCs increase students’ satisfaction at school, in residence hall living, and also increases their interaction with faculty.

Students participating in the Pre-Pharmacy LLC live in Rhodes Garrett Hamiel Hall (RGH), a hall known for its strong sense of community and steeped in Aggie tradition. RGH is the only residence hall on campus in which the rooms open onto an interior corridor. It offers a variety of floor plans, including a suite style room with an adjoining bath, rooms that use a community bath, and single rooms with its own bath. Some rooms in RGH can only be described as HUGE and each room has its own individual qualities, many with built in bookshelves and high ceilings. A sweeping double staircase, wood floors and fireplaces in the beautiful community areas make this hall a unique residential experience. See floor plans here:

Students participating in an LLC live in the same area of a residence hall or apartment community and have frequent opportunities to interact with other students, staff, and faculty who share common academic, professional, and/or personal interests. LLC residents also benefit from Faculty Advisers and specially-trained student staff who work together to provide an experience that bridges the gap between students’ academic and social lives, and increases their chance for success in college.

For more detailed information and to sign-up for the Pre-Pharmacy LLC, visit: